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Our facilitators are carefully selected and are some of the best in the business. We build trust through objectivity and transparency. Facilitation expertise includes the co-designing and running of a successful meeting or conference. We specialize in a wide range of meeting formats:

  • Off-site or Corporate Retreats
  • Off-site or Corporate Retreats
  • Executive and Advisory Boards
  • Product Launch
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Organizational Change and Alignment
  • Executive Team Chartering

Our facilitation approach allows our clients to run a productive and impartial meeting. Our facilitation process serves the needs of any group who are meeting with a common purpose, whether it be making a decision, solving a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information. Our facilitation skills respectfully challenge thought towards a consensus or solution.

Delivery of Client or Third Party Content

At Haveron Consulting, we have the flexibility and ability to deliver our own IP content, third party vendor content and internally developed content within your organization.

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“Neil is one of the strongest facilitators we have ever worked with. He intently builds rapport with each group and draws every participant into the conversation. Neil is a valued business partner whose interest is always in the success of the client.”

- Vice President, HR, Recruitment Firm

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