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Serving as internal consultants, Haveron Consulting has extensive experience working with organizations to effectively execute strategy, implement change and develop work cultures in high performance and service excellence. Every consulting intervention is unique. Plans are carefully designed to meet a client's needs.

Services provided cover a wide range of challenges typically faced by leaders:

Change Management

  • Define, plan and execute strategic organizational change, from both people and systems perspectives
  • Align initiatives with organizational vision and mission

Performance Management

  • Teach performance management strategies and processes, focusing on ways to handle performance challenges, setting clear expectations, and creating development plans
  • Develop strategies to close performance gaps

Leadership Development

  • Coach individuals to improve their abilities to lead and manage
  • Instill the value of innovative leadership

Climate/Culture/Interpersonal Relationships

  • Improve communication channels for productive cooperation/teamwork and to build trust and respect
  • Assess personal work styles and provide coaching on how to integrate all styles for a positive and productive work environment

Strategic Planning/Visioning

  • Facilitate the creation of a vision for future missions
  • Analyze the current state and help establish direction for the future



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