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The Authentic Leader

The Authentic Leader is an approach to leadership that emphasizes building the leader's credibility through honest relationships that are built on an ethical foundation where input is valued. Authentic Leaders are positive people with truthful self-concepts who promote openness.

The Authentic Leader program develops self-awareness of a leader’s strengths, their limitations, and their emotions through life and career discovery. We teach leaders to lead with their heart, not just their minds and focus on long-term shareholder value, not just short term gains.


  • 1 Day program; Executive Coaching
  • 1 - 20 people
  • High Potentials, New – Seasoned Leaders
  • Virtually trained by a Certified Facilitator or Coach

The EQ Leader

What separates great leaders from the rest is their level of emotional intelligence. Effective leadership is the by-product of emotions such as self- confidence, optimism, self- reliance, and enthusiasm.

The EQ Leader program helps develop these emotions so leaders can create strong relationships with their teams, employees and customers. This is a competitive advantage for any business.

These emotions and associated behaviours can be developed and used intelligently to solve problems, create products, deliver superior service, and dramatically boost personal and professional performance.


  • 1 Day Classroom Program; Executive Coaching & 360 Assessment
  • 1 - 24 people
  • High Potentials, New to Senior Leaders
  • Delivered by an EQi2.0 Certified Facilitator

Coaching Essentials®

The most effective managers and leaders have the qualities of a great coach. Leaders who use coaching skills can improve morale, retain their key people, provide better customer service in their organizations, and experience higher productivity overall.

Coaching Essentials is a skills-based training program that focuses on helping leaders integrate coaching into their leadership style by developing core coaching skills and applying new behaviours to help develop employees, colleagues, and teams. The program focuses on drawing out ideas and solutions, collaborating, partnering, and developing people by using directive and supportive behaviors to drive business results.


  • 1 day workshop
  • 8 - 24 People
  • Used for all levels of leadership, HR Professionals and Internal Coaches
  • Delivered by a Certified Coaching Essentials Facilitator

First-Time Managers

Becoming a new manager is one of the most challenging and critical career transitions. New managers are often chosen from high-performing individuals. These highly proficient doers quickly become struggling new managers, without the skills needed to succeed.

This award-winning program helps first-time managers overcome this challenge by teaching them the Essential Skills they need to get off to a great start. Based on the #1 best-selling book The New One Minute Manager, the First-Time Manager training program introduces Four Core Conversations and the coaching skills first-time managers need to achieve success quickly and build positive relationships with their teams.

  • Identify the mind-set shifts required to make the transition from individual contributor to manager
  • Learn how to use the Four Core Conversations based on the secrets of The New One Minute Manager book
    • Gain the skills needed to boost relationships and work well with others based on our time-tested coaching model
    • Practice the Essential Skills and the Four Core Conversations using real-work situations


  • 1 day workshop
  • 8 - 24 People
  • Used for managers new to the role of management, High Potentials
  • Delivered by a Certified First-Time Manager Facilitator or an Internal Organizational Trainer

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